50-year non-prorated material warranty and 25-year workmanship guarantee

You should never have to wonder if your new roof or repair will last. Roofing contractors all promise quality work, but without the reputation and the warranty to back it up, that promise may just be empty words. After all, between 45 and 50 percent of all roofing problems are due to faulty installation.

Tugwell Roofing Co. is one of the only GAF factory certified MasterElite roofing contractors in the North State. Tugwell Roofing has a stellar reputation in the Redding, CA area. Our roofers are factory trained and certified by GAF in the latest and best roofing techniques and products to provide you with the best service and workmanship. Because of our commitment to excellence, we are able to offer the Golden Pledge Warranty to assure you that our installation and products will not let you down.

The right products and installation

When Tugwell Roofing Co. installs a roof on your home in Redding or Chico, we are providing a complete roof system. Providing a quality roof begins with choosing the right contractor and products. Quality is backed up with a good warranty. Tugwell Roofing offers the best warranties in Redding, Chico, Mount Shasta, and Red Bluff. The GAF “Golden Pledge” and the “Systems Plus” extended warranties. The only way our company can offer these warranties is because extensive training, devotion to quality, and backing from the largest roofing manufacturer in the country, GAF. GAF and Tugwell Roofing know that this roofing system works, and we are not afraid to stand behind it with 100% protection for you the home owner.

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty = 100% complete coverage

With some warranties, you have to read the fine print to find out if your roof is really covered. The GAF Golden Pledge warranty covers the entire roofing system, so you know your roof will keep you covered for a lifetime. The GAF warranty gives you 50 years of non-prorated, 100 percent up front coverage and 25 years of workmanship guarantee. It protects both the materials of your roof and the labor. This warranty includes:

  1. Install GAF “Storm Guard” leak barrier on all bottom overhangs at the gutterline
  2. Install GAF “Tiger Paw” synthetic underlayment over the entire roof substrate
  3. Install GAF “Pro-Start” starter strip shingles on all eaves and overhangs
  4. Install GAF Limited Lifetime composition on the entire roof system
  5. Install GAF “Cobra Rigid Vent 3” System on all roof peaks
  6. Install GAF “Ridglass” high profile ridge caps over the top of the “Cobra Rigid Vent 3” on roof peaks
  7. This includes the Limited Lifetime Warranty, 50-year non-prorated, 100% up-front coverage, with material and labor protection
  8. This includes a 25-year workmanship guarantee

*We are proposing to install a complete “Golden Pledge” roof system on your home, not just another roof. That is the only way GAF & Tugwell Roofing can offer this type of warranty.

GAF Warranty

As your Redding roofing contractor Tugwell Roofing Co. offers you several warranty choices for your new roof. The chart below summarizes the key provisions of each of our GAF warranty options. We invite you to sit down with our Redding area roofing team member to discuss the best warranty for your home.